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Hier ein älterer Post auf Englisch. Es geht um Feengeschichten und um mysteriöse Fresken auf Burg Runkelstein…


I have been researching Konrad’s of Würzburg ‚Partonopier and Meliur‘. This chivalric romance,put to writing around the second half of the 12th century, tells the story of a mortal, Partonopier, falling in love with a faerie, Meliur.

Faeries in the Middle Ages

This motif is called „Mahrtenehe“ in German; a marriage with a supernatural being. In the middle ages, genealogical stories that claim the descent of a house from a fay often offered justification for legitimate reign. It sets the lineage apart from common mortals. In a nutshell; they want to feel different. For example,  Artus (King Arthur) is said to have a fay, Terre de la schoie, as an ancestor in Wolfram’s of Eschenbach ‚Parzival‘. Another example is Thüring’s of Ringoltingen ‚Melusine‘, who is said to have founded the house of the French Lusignans.

The Frescoes of Runkelstein Castle

I read several claims now that claim…

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