I have been attending a seminar about receptions and adaptions of Wolfram’s of Eschenbach ‚Parzival‘. Among other interesting adaptions (music, young adult novels, modern drama like Tankred Dorst and Christoph Hein etc.) we looked into film. I researched Rohmer’s ‚Perceval le Gallois‚.

The movie was incredibly hard to come by, and apparently it is only available in French. Since it was a real flop at the time (1978), that is not surprising. It has some interesting aspects, though, and it is quite unique. Here is the trailer.

Though known for his association with the French cinema movement nouvelle vague, this film is very far away from their aesthetics (outdoors, natural light, subjectivism). It was filmed entirely at a soundstage with décor fixe. It may look like a school theater production at first, but the attention to detail is incredible.

The character talk in verse and…

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